Digitize Greenville: Share Your History


Greenville County Library System continues to build digital collections to preserve Greenville County’s rich history. Help us tell Greenville's story by checking your attics, basements, and scrapbooks for historic treasures. By loaning your items for digitization, you get to keep your family collections while also sharing them with a wider audience.


How to Participate

  1. Locate Greenville items within your family collections. Suitable items* include:
    • Photographs
    • Letters
    • Diaries
    • Daybooks/Ledgers
  2. Identify as many people, places, or groups in your items. The more information we have, the better we can preserve Greenville's history. Talk with older relatives who may be able to elaborate on the story behind the item.
  3. Schedule a scanning session.

* Items must be owned by the lender. Materials that are photocopied and/or subject to copyright law will not be scanned.



What types of pictures are we looking for?

Any school, church, business, street, organization, club, prominent community leader, or neighborhood. Not looking for personal portraits.

Where will my items be displayed online?

Your items will be included in our digital collections, the South Carolina Digital Library, and the Digital Public Library of America.

Do I get to keep my photographs?

All items loaned will be returned to owner after scanning.

How long does it take?

A handful of photos or letters can be returned to you during your visit. Larger collections/items may require a longer loan depending on volume.

Do I get digital copies of my photographs?

Lender will need to bring personal flash drive with them if they would like digital copies. We do not provide flash drives or CDs.

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