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Greetings from Greenville

Greetings from Greenville Postcard Exhibit

June 1-August 31 • Hughes Main Library

The Greetings from Greenville postcard exhibit provides a pictorial history of Greenville featuring prominent destinations, buildings, parks, and more. Many of the featured postcards date back to the "Golden Age of Postcards"—the early 1900s when postcards reached peak popularity. Since most of the postcards have illustrated images, historical photographs accompany several of the postcards in the exhibit along with historical background about the sites.

The Library System’s postcard collection amounts to over 500 postcards stored in five volumes in a climate controlled archive room and focuses on the Greenville area but also includes postcards from surrounding counties as well as sites throughout the state of South Carolina.

If visitors would like to purchase their own postcards, prints of postcards are available for 50 cents in the South Carolina Room and include locations such as: The Reedy River and Reedy River Falls, the Ottaray Hotel, the Chicora College for Women, the old Court house, and the Table Rock Reservoir.

The Library System’s full postcard collection is available for viewing in the South Carolina Room by request. Many of the historical postcards have also been scanned and are included in the Library System’s digital collection.