Art in the Library

Art in the Library

In keeping with the Greenville County Library System’s mission to champion literacy, inspire learning, and foster community connection, we are pleased to host regular exhibits featuring the work of local artists in the main entry area of the Hughes Main Library. Over 300,000 annual visitors will have an opportunity to discover and enjoy local art that relates to literature, film, music, local history or to the library.


Fall/Winter 2021 Exhibit

The next Art in the Library Exhibit is scheduled for November 1-December 31 at the Hughes Main Library.



  • The artist must be a Greenville County resident or student enrolled in a school in Greenville County.
  • Artwork must be original and professionally presented. Artwork must contain themes related to literature, film, music, local history or the library in general.
  • Artwork may be two or three dimensional, but must fit within the following display case dimensions:
    50in wide x 7ft tall x 1ft deep
    1 case this size, about the size of a wardrobe w/several glass shelves
    19in wide x 3ft 22in tall x 17in deep
    2 cases this size, 2 glass shelves in each
    4ft wide x 29in tall x 19in deep
    1 case this size, 1 glass shelf
    Similar in size to 4ft wide x 29in tall x 19in deep but not a perfect rectangle
    1 case this size, 1 glass shelf
  • The Exhibit Application Form must be accompanied by images in jpg, png, tiff or other common image format of each of the works the artist is seeking to display along with dimensions of each of the works.
  • The Exhibit Application Form must also include a brief artist statement, 75-150 words.
  • The artist must also include a resume or CV.
  • The library cannot offer the works for sale at the library. However, contact information for the artist may be provided with the display for interested buyers to contact the artist directly.
  • The display area is family friendly, so please submit only materials appropriate for a wide range of ages.
  • Submissions will be reviewed by the exhibit committee of the library. Not all submissions will be accepted.
  • Artists whose works are accepted must be available to appear at an opening reception at the Hughes Main Library.


Your art will be exhibited in a public space. Normal precautions for the security of the exhibit will be exercised by the Library, but ultimate responsibility for the exhibit is that of the artist. The Library is not responsible for damage or theft, and provides no insurance coverage for this purpose.

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