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The Greenville County Library System welcomes those with disabilities to participate in the services, programs and activities of the library. The library will make reasonable modifications to policies and procedures in an effort to equally serve persons with disabilities. Reasonable advanced notification is requested for scheduled programs. Service animals are welcome in all library facilities.

ADA Grievance Procedures
ADA Notice
ADA Reasonable Accommodations Policy

Assistive Technology Available at Hughes Main Library

Closed-Circuit Television magnifier (CCTV)
A video magnifier, or closed-circuit television (CCTV) uses a video camera to display a magnified image on a monitor or television screen. Video Magnifiers are used by people with low vision to help with reading and writing difficulties caused by visual impairments.

Kurzweil Reading Edge
An optical character recognition scanner and speech synthesizer. It works somewhat like a photocopy machine, but instead of printing a copy of a page, the Reading Edge reads the page out loud. It is controlled by pressing keys on a keypad.

TDD Telephone System (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf)

Assistive Technology Station equipped with two computers, a scanner, and the followingthree programs:

  • GUIDE – is a simplified, menu-based operating system with magnification settings and a synthesized voice feature for screen reading. It sits over Windows to offer an easier and friendlier way to perform computer tasks such as email, Internet browsing, word processing, document scanning and playing CDs. GUIDE is promoted for seniors and others with little experience using a computer or a fear of technology, as well as for visually impaired users.
  • ZOOMTEXT – is high definition screen magnification with optional screen reading for visually impaired users. It works within applications, email and the Internet. ZOOMTEXT is a simple program for any user.
  • JAWS – a screen reading and screen magnification program, it uses a more complex system of keystroke commands along with the mouse to enable the visually impaired and blind to use applications, email and the Internet.

Other Assistive Technology

Personal Listening Devices – Assistive listening devices are available for library programs at any location with advanced notice by contacting the ADA Coordinator for the Library.

Handheld and desktop magnifiers – Full page magnifiers–excellent for reading fine print in books maps and documents. Also available at all branch locations.

Talking Book Services – There's more than one way to read a book. The South Carolina State Library's Talking Book Services provides informational and recreational reading materials in accessible formats. The program serves South Carolinians unable to use conventional print due to a physical disability.

Text To Speech Features – You may have noticed something when reading an article from Kids Infobits, Opposing Viewpoints in Context or Science Reference Center. Articles feature a "Listen" button which allows text–to-speech capability with these popular databases.

ADA Inquiries:
Jill Cornwell
ADA Coordinator
Greenville County Library System