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The Greenville County Library System (hereinafter referred to as "Library") issues Library cards to enable Library users to borrow materials and to use Library services. Library cards provide the Library a means of verification of eligibility for Library services and for tracking the use of services provided. User registration assists staff in gauging the library's effectiveness in being the best provider of guided access to information.

Residents of Greenville County

Greenville County residents five years old and older may apply for either a free Library borrower card or a Library personal computing card in person at any Library location. Proof of identification and of Greenville County residency are required for an adult applying for his/her card; for an adult applying for the card of a minor; and for a minor age 13 and over applying for a card. Photo identification is required to obtain a card with borrowing privileges.

Users with Library borrower cards have full access to the Library's computer based services in addition to borrowing privileges. Users with Library personal computing cards do not have borrowing privileges.

A free Library card is also available to anyone living outside Greenville County who (1) provides proof of payment of Greenville County property taxes; (2) attends school in Greenville County; or (3) lives in a county which offers free borrowing privileges to residents of Greenville County.

Library card applications for children 17 years of age or under must have a parent or legal guardian's signature.

Temporary Residents of Greenville County

Temporary residents may obtain a free Library card with personal computing privileges or a borrower card with limited borrowing privileges. The period the account is valid is shortened and the number of items that may be checked out on the borrower card is reduced. Identification and proof of residential address in Greenville County are required; photo identification is required for borrowing privileges.

Non-Residents of Greenville County

For a fee, the Library will issue a non-resident a Library card with full privileges for borrowing or personal computing use. The fee for a Library card for a non-resident may be adjusted each year by the Executive Director, based on the amount of monies generated by the millage rate (approved by Greenville County Council) divided by the most recent population estimate of Greenville County.

Restricted Borrower's Card

A parent or legal guardian signing a Library card application as the person responsible for the use of the card can choose a restricted borrower's card, limiting borrowing privileges to juvenile materials only.

Renewal of Library Cards

Library cards are valid for a two-year period. When the two-year period has expired, a card may be renewed, provided the information related to the user's account is updated in the Library's database. Borrowers must pay all outstanding fines and fees to update their cards. A user must present his/her Library card in order to update the account.

Cardholder's Responsibility

Library cardholders accept responsibility for abiding by the policies of the Library System. A cardholder is responsible for all use of the card, including materials selected and borrowed with his/her card and any charges accrued on his/her account. A cardholder is also responsible for reporting changes to the information provided at registration, including updates to residence and email addresses. Parents or legal guardians registering minors assume these responsibilities for the minors they register.

A cardholder should report loss or theft of a Library card promptly to avoid unauthorized use. A cardholder is responsible for any use of the card until the loss is reported to a Library staff member.

Although reminders may be sent to borrowers whose items are overdue, borrowers are responsible for tracking due dates and returning items on time.

Borrowers assume the responsibility for any damage to electronic equipment that may occur while playing library materials.

Loss of Borrowing Privileges Fines/Fees Threshold

A borrower may check out materials until overdue fines/fees reach $10.00. Fines/fees equal to or in excess of $10.00 block a cardholder's account and s/he can no longer check out items until the total amount owed on the account is reduced to under $10.00.

All fines and fees must be cleared from a borrower's account before his/her account can be renewed or reinstated following expiration.



Approved by the Board of Trustees on August 28, 2006
Revised June 25, 2007