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Donations are welcomed by the Greenville County Library System (hereinafter referred to as “Library”) in order to enhance our capacity to serve Greenville County and fulfill our mission.

Guiding Principles

The following principles guide the acceptance and administration of gifts and donations to the Greenville County Library System:

  • All gifts/donations will be evaluated for appropriateness and potential value in support of the Library’s mission and in accordance with other existing policies.
  • All gifts will be received within the current strictures of law and tax regulations.
  • The Library’s Board of Trustees and staff are under no obligation to accept gifts, items or funds and reserve the right to refuse any gift.
  • All gifts that are accepted become the sole and absolute property of the Greenville County Library System.
  • Donated items that do not support the Library’s mission will be sold or retained for future disposal in accordance with the County of Greenville’s Procurement Policy.


The Library relies on the generosity of donors to help build and sustain its local history and genealogy collection. This collection includes books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps, microform, photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings, video and sound recordings and ledgers. Donations of manuscripts, photographs, books, archival materials or other items are welcome based on their historical significance to Greenville County, the Upstate or the state of South Carolina.

Selection evaluation criteria delineated in the Library’s Collection Development and Maintenance Policy are used to determine if donated material is placed in the Library’s collection. Donated items not selected for the Library’s collection will be disposed of in accordance with the Library’s Procurement Policy for the Purchase and Disposal of Library Materials. Most donations of like-new, gently used print and non-print materials received by the Library are given to the Friends of the Greenville County Library System to help them raise funds for the benefit of the Library. Donated materials will not be returned to the donor.

All donated materials received at any Library location become the absolute property of the Library with no right of ownership from any other entity. Upon request, the Library will provide the donor a statement indicating the number and type of items donated and the date they were received.

Monetary Gifts

The Library gratefully accepts monetary donations and will provide the donor with a letter to acknowledge the benefit to the Library and meet the documentation requirement for the donor’s tax purposes.

Unrestricted Monetary Gifts
Undesignated donations are added to the Library’s general fund for the fiscal year in which the gift is received and will be appropriated toward the Library’s greatest current or future needs.

Restricted Monetary Gifts
Specific bequests and restricted donations are set aside according to the wishes of the donor at the time of donation. Depending on the size of the contribution and its requested use, the funds may be set aside in an interest-generating account for future use. The Library understands and respects its legal obligation to honor the wishes of the donor when accepting restricted funds. All money donated for library materials will be utilized to enhance the Library’s collection in accordance to the Library's Collection Development and Management Policy.


The Library accepts donations of in-kind property or services. Upon request, the Library will issue a letter to the donor identifying the property or services donated.

Real Estate

The Library accepts donations of real estate made to the County of Greenville for exclusive use of the Library with a donor furnished appraisal of the property value.

Unrestricted Real Property Donations
If the Library Board determines that it is in the best interest of the Library to sell unrestricted donated property a request will be made to Greenville County Council to sell the property in accordance with the County of Greenville’s Procurement Policy. Proceeds of the sale will be transferred to the Library for capital improvements or the purchase of other real property.

Restricted Real Property Donations
The Library Board will weigh the community needs and benefits against the costs, both tangible and intangible, before accepting real estate if the donation is contingent on the future location and/or naming of a Library facility.


Life Insurance Policies
The Library may accept gifts of life insurance policies, provided that the Library and the donor reach a prior written agreement about arrangements for the payment of any required premiums and/or beneficiary fees.

Marketable Stocks, Bonds and Securities
The Library accepts donations of miscellaneous property including stocks and bonds. Upon request, the Library will provide the donor a letter with the description of the donated item. The Library will convert stocks and bonds into cash at the time of the gift.

Tangible Personal Property
Tangible personal property may be accepted as a gift, provided that 1) such property is saleable, and 2) the donor agrees that the property can be sold at the discretion of Greenville County Library System. The donor is responsible for obtaining a qualified appraisal prior to finalizing the gift.

Naming of Libraries

Each Library location will carry a name that reflects the geographical area in which it is located or which it serves; for example, Simpsonville Branch Library.

Should a donor contribute a significant amount of private funds toward the cost of constructing a new library and/or the securing of land for a library, the Library Board may allow that facility to bear the name of the donor; for example, Hughes Main Library; Hendricks Branch Library. Any decisions regarding naming rights shall be made at the sole discretion of the Library Board.

Exterior signs will identify each library by its name and as part of the Greenville County Library System.

Interior and exterior spaces of a library may be named after a donor in circumstances in which the donor has made a gift of private funds equal to a substantial portion or the entire cost of such areas. When physically possible, equipment may be plated with the donor’s name.



Approved by the Board of Trustees October 24, 2005
Revised February 23, 2009; 10/28/13